Service Agreement

Thanks for partnering with Stretch-n-Grow to serve your school. By booking services for your school, you (Client) agree to the following terms:
  • Once classes are scheduled and committed for a school year, the school agrees to honor the commitment by offering classes through the end of May, as instructors will be hired to serve your school.
  • For the welfare of the children, the integrity of the Stretch-n-Grow Branded Program(s) and to meet our safety guidelines the maximum number of children is 15 for preschool and school age, 12 for toddlers — classes that exceed maximums will be billed an additional class.
  • Classes canceled with less than 30 days’ notice will be billed at full rate (unless a makeup date can be scheduled based on our calendar availability).   However, if less than 48 hours’ notice is given AND the coach arrives at class and is unable to teach, classes will be canceled and billed for that day’s full amount.   Refunds will not be made.
  • A teacher should remain with center-wide classes.
     – If school closes either partially or entirely at any time during regularly scheduled classes for the school year, school agrees to continue to pay for classes, at which time SNG agrees to deliver classes virtually, available to all students.
    We hire, train and invest in our team based on our school’s request for services.  We respectfully request that you may see SNG as a true partner in education, and not just a visitor.
  • Our activities will produce great physical, mental, social and emotional benefits; however, there are risks that potential injuries can occur in any activity involving motion, including fitness, cheerleading, dance, sports, gymnastics and physical activity in general. It is the express intent of all Stretch-n-Grow staff and personnel to provide for the safety and protection of the children and, in consideration for allowing your children to participate, you hereby indemnify, forever release, hold harmless Stretch-n-Grow and all personnel, from any and all liability, damages and injuries that may occur during instruction/supervision of classes/activities.
  • Stretch-n-Grow instructors operate under a legally binding Confidentiality/Non-Competition Agreement set forth by Stretch-n-Grow International, Inc. and are not available for hire.
  •  Transition time between classes will be billed as class time, so we recommend classes be scheduled back to back when the block is less than 3 hours.
  • Invoices for current month’s scheduled classes will be e-mailed at the beginning of each month.  Invoices past 30 days will incur a 10% late fee per month.  All new accounts must pay upfront until a payment history has been established.
  • There is a $5 per class surcharge on classes booked bi-weekly, & $10 surcharge on classes booked once a month or less.
  • Credit card payments incur a 5% surcharge, if you choose to pay with this option,  please notify us in advance.
  • Delay or failure to sign this agreement does not release the childcare facility from agreement terms. Permitting execution of the first class implies full acceptance by the facility of these terms in their entirety and obligates the childcare facility in full without exception. Once finalized, by signature or execution of the first class, this service agreement and its terms are effective and mutually binding.